Producteur : Giovanardi SpA

Créateur : Shiseido EMEA pour Dolce & Gabbana Beauty

Annonceur : Shiseido EMEA

Type de présentoir : Counter display

Réseau de distribution : Perfumery

Marchés ciblés :  Europe

Durée du matériel1 to 4 weeks

Votre projet a-t-il été éco-conçu : YES

The display has been entirely produced in aluminum because it’s a sustainable material, durable and unlimitedly recycible. 100% Aluminum, 100% recyclable. The item was originally designed to be produced with different materials, such as MDF, acrylic…, but we did an effort to industrialize it in such a way that it could be produced using one material only, and the material had to be perfectly eco-friendly. The aluminum was the right choice and it has been varnished and digitally printed, so we could avoid any kind of plastic or adhesive film or coating.

The packaging (outer box and inner protections) is 100% FSC certified cardboard. The volume has been optimized by shipping the display in flat mode, with the visual disassembled, having a lower impact on transportation. At the end of its life, the display can be simply disposed as a normal aluminum can and the packaging can be disposed in the paper.

The choice of aluminum is due to the necessity of having a 100% recyclable display and of keeping, at the same time, the original and peculiar design that requires different thicknesses and complicated decorations. Aluminum is the most recycled material in the world (about 75% of the aluminum produced worldwide is still being used) and it can be recycled indefinitely without losing its characteristics.


Dolce&Gabbana Beauty incarne la magie des fêtes de fin d’année 2021 avec ce display, embelli par le chariot et les luminaries traditionnels siciliens, reflétant l’esthétique et l’héritage de l’univers de la marque.

Le défi technique demandé par Dolce & Gabbana et Shiseido était de trouver des solutions pour obtenir un Counter Tester qui reprendrait la forme et la caractéristique graphique du chariot sicilien mais avec des matériaux et des techniques au nom de la durabilité.

Le résultat : un présentoir 100% aluminium, 100% recyclable, au design impactant et parfaitement cohérent avec les racines de la marque.