UK Ploom launch – Retail Innovative Solution

Producteur : BG Reklam d.o.o.

Créateur : BG Reklam d.o.o.

Annonceur : Gallaher UK

Type de présentoir : Présentoir de sol stockeur

Réseau de distribution : Commerce indépendant

Marchés ciblés : United Kingdom

Durée du matériel : Permanent

Votre projet été éco-conçu :
1. By careful selection of recyclable materials, we managed to reduce carbon footprint when developing and producing this product. The majority of materials for this totem included Zero added formaldehyde MDF with FSC Certificate (up to 95%) and minor parts of the totem were made of metal and acrylic.

2. During the design and engineering processes we paid special attention to minimal material scrap. Using changeable parts of the top part of the totem provides longer durability and utilization of the product.

3. Packaging consists of the following materials: wooden pallet, expanded polyethylene foam and recycled carton box. Dedicated engineer for packaging only enables minimal packaging scrap and best efficiencies and goods protection.

4. Totem end of life is around 5 years. However with regular maintenance and adjustments it can be significantly prolonged.

5. The quality of eco-design: multifunctionality (easy and efficient communication replacement), 2in1 ( unit modularity – can be used a s a totem or counter unit)so the best utilisation achieved


We used following new technology machines:

  1. Fibber laser for metal – machine which is saving resources. reducing energy consumption
  2. Zund for forex – best used for cutting materials that cannot be cut on the laser cutter, such as plastics
  3. Laser for acrylic
  4. Felder for wood

Technical constraints that were overcome are the following:

  1. In order to provide 100% product stability ( due to its dimensions) rounded base frame was developed
  2. By using cutting edge technology we managed to illuminate the logo despite challenging curves that was requested in the brief by the client. The logo is 3D ( logo letters which are illuminated as well)