Philips Multicategory ( Air, Coffee and Beauty) Gondola End

Producteur : BG Reklam d.o.o.

Créateur : BG Reklam d.o.o.

Annonceur : Philips DACH

Type de présentoir : Tète de gondole – ilot

Réseau de distribution : Enseigne spécialisée

Marchés ciblés : DACH

Durée du matériel : Permanent

Votre projet été éco-conçu :
Eco – design of the product consists the following:

  1. In order to reduce environmental impact in the production process we used recyclable materials such as acryl sheet (PMMA) and sheet metal
  2. In relation to materials optimization we used: Zero added formaldehyde MDF with FSC Certificate; Magnetic foil is chosen/used, as our main aim was intense to enable easy replacement of printed communication so display can be used for a longer period of time and for different communication campaigns
  3. Packaging consists of the following materials: wooden pallet, expanded polyethylene foam and recycled carton box.
  4. Gondola end of life is up to 10 years
  5. The quality of eco-design: long shelf life (long lasting of the product), possibility of easy and efficient communication replacement, FSC certificate


The client brief was the following:

  1. Multicategory hi tech gondola with possibility to change its functionality in different areas such as: air, coffee and beauty
  2. Modularity – the possibility of flexible components which can be separated and recombined easily and fast
  3. Add shelves to storage the products ( coffee, airs and depilatories)

The main features of this product are the following:

  1. Multifunctionality, 3 different categories can be placed and/or replace very fast and easily per request
  2. Easily changeable communication on the top part of gondola
  3. Easily changeable communication on the sides
  4. Shelves storages for the product
  5. Info card holders at the sides with product information