SPORTISIMO design concept

Producteur : MORIS design s.r.o.

Créateur : MORIS design s.r.o.

Annonceur : SPORTISIMO

Réseau de distribution : Enseigne spécialisée

Marchés ciblés : CZ, BG, RO, PL, HU, SK


A unique concept for easier communication with customers, where the dominant elements are the “gates to the worlds“ which, in addition to remote navigation to the category, effectively highlight the selected portfolio. With the help of elevated islands, the view of the store is always lively, and the customer gains a greater overview of the overall menu. They see practically all of the products, and their interest thus increases the emotional experience from the shopping.

The connecting element has become a simple arrow, which clearly defines the store and thereby distinguishes it from the competition. Despite the simple connection, however, there was and still is a kind of constant movement in the store, which is further reflected in both the furniture section and the emotional graphics. The shopping and the customer journey are further interwoven with educational graphics relating to individual goods, as well as “fun elements“.